about me


Hello, my name is Christie, welcome to my blog!

I am a freshly turned 30 wife and dog mom.  I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts, but now live in northern Rhode Island with my husband, Matt, & our beloved midi goldendoodle, Penelope.

I absolutely love cooking, spending time with friends & family, fitness & shopping. I have a pretty solid routine every week that includes an hour commute one way to my job {that I love}, date night, walks with P, meal planning & prepping, time with family & the gym at least 6 days a week.  Sometimes I have no idea how I do it, but somehow it all works & I wouldn’t change a thing.

My friends frequently seek advice on fashion, my meal plan for the week and healthy recipes.  These three things though seemingly overwhelming for some, come very natural to me.  I have loved cooking ever since I was a little girl and have grown to love it even more as continue to experiment with different ingredients and various types of diets (Paleo, dairy free, Weight Watchers, etc).  I currently am eating mostly dairy free and follow Weight Watchers for portions sake {I could eat bottomless bowls of pasta. every. day.}.

My style over the years has shifted from trendy and colorful to classic and mostly neutral. I find that when I can mix and match my entire closet, my wardrobe seems bigger than it is. I will always enjoy a deal from TJ Maxx, but I am absolutely obsessed with my Tory Burch riding boots and my Louis Vuitton collection.

Thanks for stopping by!