new recipe {crock pot mexican pulled pork bowls}

You already know I’m a fan of healthy, fast & easy meals.  What you may not realize just yet is Mexican is my favorite food group {chips, cheese, margs, guac, must I go on?). If you don’t like it, you probably won’t like me. Ole!

With summer weather comin’ in hot, literally, very humid hot, bowls, salads, not slaving over the stove meals are our current obsession.  This bowl is an old favorite that I usually have with mango salsa which pairs AMAZING with the hot and spicy meat.  Didn’t have time for that this week, but I highly recommend.

mexican pulled pork.jpg

When I cut my lettuce I leave it in the salad spinner with a paper towel between the two layers.  This keeps the lettuce fresh for extra long. AKA, this lettuce is from last weeks recipe. I don’t think I’m alone in that I hate throwing any food away.

Let me know what you think of this bowl! This is our favorite crock pot pork to have. You can use it on salad, in tacos or sandwiches, very versatile. Also- feel free to amp up the Cayenne, I’m a wimp.

Crock Pot Pulled Pork Bowl 6.23.17



Christie Marie xo


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