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what we did this weekend {and a weekly menu}


Another weekend in June has passed. HOW!? And what is up with this weather? I hope July brings normal summer weather.

The weekend started early for us. Penelope and I helped move my brother into his new apartment on Friday. She had gone to camp in the morning so she had a very eventful day! Excuse the poor quality photo and lack of living room furniture.p-at-apt-e1497901476720.jpgWe didn’t finish and stop until about 8:30, at that point we were starving so we dropped Penelope off at my parents house and had sushi in my hometown.  For rural Massachusetts, this sushi is seriously unreal.sushi-dinner.jpgSaturday we got an early start back to RI and woke Matt up in time to head out for breakfast.  Since we haven’t been seeing all too much of each other this is our new usual, but hopefully not for long! Though there’s nothing quite like someone else making your eggs. We got a lot of our weekend stuff out of the way before heading out to meet up with some friends for dinner and drinks. I was hesitant about trying a new place on a whim, but it ended up being so awesome. Anyone been to the Thirsty Beaver in Cranston? The outside didn’t make it look like much, but the food was insane. I chose a salad instead of my fries and it was so crisp and fresh I was so happy I got it! The reuben was literally the best I ever had. I was full after half and would have been content even just eating the meat, it was that good.saturday dinner

Sunday went a little hay wire, Penelope woke me up at 5:30 am sick.  Poor thing could not stop throwing up. I banged out my morning errands and hung out with her until I had to leave for a surprise birthday/Father’s Day party in the North End of Boston. Matt was working so leaving Penelope was the saddest thing and I hated that she was going to be alone. But by the time I left she had stopped throwing up and just wanted to sleep.

You really can’t eat anywhere bad in the North End, but we went to one of our all time favorites, Pagluica’s. If you have never been there, do yourself a favor and go. The food is so amazing and a cute little old man was even walking around playing Italian songs on an accordion.

Looking forward to cleaning myself of all the food and alcohol this week.  Focusing on a clean week and luckily my menu already depicted that for me and I don’t have to make any adjustments.

Weekly Menu 6.18.17

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating their Dad’s, mom’s who act as both Mom & Dad and of course fur Dad’s too, like our beloved Matteo!  Have a wonderful week!

Christie Marie xo


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