quick & healthy weeknight meal {chicken sausage burrito bowl}

On the menu for this week I had Veggie burrito bowl, however, when I went to see what my macros were when I got home for dinner, my protein was really low for the day. I replaced my intended taco spiced black beans with chicken sausage we already had. Don’t mind that my “bowl” is actually too big to fit in the bowls we have so I actually had to make it a plate..


We always keep Al Fresco chicken sausage on hand and this week I  happened to have spicy jalapeno chicken sausage.  The jalapeno gave it the extra kick both Matt and I love!

This came together so fast thanks to all the pre-made sides. You can obviously make them from scratch, but this is such a life saver for me mid week. I would much rather spend that time with our little family instead of cooking.  Enjoy the recipe, let me know what you think!

Chicken Sausage Burrito Bowl 6.14.17.jpg


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