cauliflower pizza crust {& some other trader joe’s finds}

I finally stumbled upon the Trader Joe’s cauliflower pizza crust as you might know by now.  I was really looking forward to trying it and totally opted to have that instead of my usual solo Sunday night take out.

First of all, if you do make this, read the instructions first. I messed up on step one and immediately knew when I went to flip the crust to brown the other side.  Put the crust on a greased cookie sheet.  I went with a pizza stone thinking it would crisp it. Very wrong. It kinda got stuck, but I also semi saved it before it was too far gone {just lost a few chunks}.image1.jpg

I was really anxious to try it, I did cook the length of the directions, but next time would cook it even more. I do tend to like things “burnt” and extra crispy. You COULD pick up the pizza and eat it with your hands, but it was pretty floppy.

Taste wise it was more on the bland side, I plan on maybe a sprinkle of Parmesan after I flip it next time, still low carb right? Though I’m not sure what I was expecting!

Will definitely buy again and try all the above and I think it will be perfect.

I also found a few more things from Trader Joe’s I wanted to try during my trip. I’m a sucker for anything “Everything ” flavored. There are now Bite Size Everything Crackers. Would be so good with hummus or cheese!img_6424.jpg

I have a bad habit of perusing the treats at Trader Joe’s. I stumbled upon dairy free mini vanilla sandwiches! Smaller versions of my beloved ice cream sandwiches. Perfect for a small after dinner treat.IMG_6423

Lastly, I found Veggie Kabobs mixed in with the fresh veggies! They are pre-skewered and ready to grill or bake or whatever you wish. I know it’s really lazy, but anything that saves me time, I’m into.

img_6596.jpgSo happy the sun is finally shining and very much looking forward to enjoying the weather this weekend.

The weekly menu will be up tomorrow!

Christie Marie xo




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